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ERC Starting Grant TRADENET


I have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant to undertake research into the structure of firm-to-firm trade networks and its consequences for various aggregate outcomes.

The increasing fragmentation of production processes at the international level has created large networks of firms located in various countries. The project exploits highly disaggregated firm-to-firm trade data combined with models of endogenous trade networks to study the structure of these networks. I am most notably interested in the consequences that these microeconomic structures have for the international diffusion of shocks.


"Firms in the Global Economy" Workshop, Part of the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, June 2019

Published Papers

"The Micro Origins of International Business Cycle Comovements", 2018, American Economic Review, 108(1):82-108, with J. di Giovanni and A. Levchenko

Working Papers

"Search Frictions in International Good Markets", CEPR Discussion Paper 13442, with C. Lenoir and J. Martin

"Volatility in the Small and in the Large: The Lack of Diversification in International Trade", CEPR Discussion Paper 11534, with F. Kramarz and J. Martin

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